George “Danji” Cercheaza

Trainer Unreal

Name George “Danji” Cercheaza
Phone 0756 249 561
Teacher at: Unreal Engine for beginners
Teacher at: Unreal Engine Module II
Teacher at: Unreal Module III – Houdini Fx

George first came into contact with a computer in the '90s and soon developed a passion for video games. During high school he discovered 3D graphics and until the beginning of the faculty he knew he wanted to have a career in the gaming industry.

He started writing game reviews for PC World, and in 2008 he engaged as a 3D modeller at Ubisoft Romania. There he gained experience working on AAA projects and started to be attracted to the other parts of the game development. In 2013, he began working on free time at his own games, and in 2016 he left Ubisoft to make his own indie studio, the Fox Dive Studio.

  • 2008 - Game Journalist
    PC World Magazine
  • 2008 - 3D Graphic Artist
    Ubisoft - Bucharest
  • 2011 - Level Artist
    Ubisoft - Bucharest
  • 2013 - Assistant Technical Director
    Ubisoft - Bucharest
  • 2016 - Technical Artist
    Fox Dive Studio - Bucharest

Some projects on which he worked:
  • Silent Hunter 5
    Ubisoft - Bucharest
  • Assassin's Creed series
    Ubisoft - Bucharest
  • Blink Rogues
    Fox Dive Studio - Bucharest
Games that have eaten nights:
  • X-COM
  • Jagged Alliance
  • Kerbal Space Program
  • Live for Speed
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