1. What is “GameDev Academy”?

“GameDev Academy” project has been established alongside experienced gamers in the game development industry, demonstrating a genuine interest in education and innovation. At the time the project was created we have taken into consideration the market requirements and the input of the active companies in this field. In Romania, the community of people in the industry is made up of over 7000 members. Even so, few people have access to training courses and trainings in this industry. So, we developed the first training center specialized in the game development courses based on the practical learning that includes an important component, the career counseling one.

2. Who are our trainers?

Our trainers are professionals who truly understand the challenges of the field of gaming development. Their experiences, from the development of independent projects to the development of AAA games in multinational studios, are mirrored in the materials taught in courses and their pedagogical skills.

3. What are the conditions for applying at GameDev Academy courses?

Almost everyone can enroll. 😊 We consider that passion, creativity and interest do not have an age limit. Even so, at certain courses, an impediment that a future student may encounter is the difference between the level of knowledge gained in school, especially in grades 5-8, and the information taught at our courses. So, any person under the age of 14, passionate about the field of game development with or without experience in this field can join the courses we offer. Of course, we are at a remote mail/phone if you want to confirm with us if a specific course is right for you.

4. What are the courses offered by GameDev Academy?

Our training site can be accessed here http://gamedevacademy.ro/courses where you can see in detail the type of offered courses, the structure of the sessions, the length of the course, the trainers who will assist you and the prices of the courses.

5. How can I join GameDev Academy courses?

The registration process is complete online and takes only 1 minute to complete a short questionnaire. Select “course registration” from our site menu, complete the questionnaire and we will contact you as soon as possible.

6. Can I attend GameDev Academy courses, even if I do not have experience or studies in this field?

For sure!We know that in Romania there is no educational support in state education specific to this industry. So, GameDev Academy Courses are structured so we can offer you a first step in discovering the important basic concepts.

7. How do the courses groups form?

Depending on the course you are interested in, you will find information on the website about the estimated date for the formation of a new group. When the available places are occupied, The course begins on the set date and opens the entries for the next group with a new start date. Therefore, we recommend that when you complete the registration on a course you pay, at least partially, the value of the course to secure your place.If there were not enough people on the set date to start the course, we will extend the period of registration by one or two more weeks. Of course, we’ll get you up and if you don’t want to wait anymore, we will return your paid price.

8. What happens after I apply?

You will receive a confirmation email informing you that your registration has been successfully completed.

9. How much do the courses cost?

Costs vary depending on the course you want to attend. More details about these can be found on our page at the courses section: http://gamedevacademy.ro/courses.

10. How do I pay the cost of the courses?

You can pay online, in 2 installments. The first installment will be paid upon registration and the second installment will be paid two weeks after the start of the course.

11. When do class sessions take place?

Course sessions are usually held in the evening, between 19-21. However, their frequency will be established at the first session where we will set together the days of the week of the week suitable for most of the students.

12. What is the structure of the courses?

The structure of the courses takes into account the most important aspect in the field of games development, namely practice. Each program has been structured together with our trainers and focuses on individual work, assisted by the trainer of the course.

13. What is the maximum capacity of a course?

Because we want you to enjoy a genuine learning and practical experience,we organize courses with a maximum capacity of 8 students.Thus, our trainers can individually handle each student and the questions that arise during sessions.

14. Do I get a diploma at the end?

Yes, you will receive a diploma of participation issued by us, which attest your involvement throughout the course. At the same time, your diploma will be supported by the project that is being developed along the courses, a project that you can add to your personal portfolio.

15. I learn enough in order to be hired at the end of a course?

Of course! We have students who were hired shortly after completing the course they attended. But we can not offer guarantees! We make an effort to help you, but you also need to dedicate yourself outside class sessions too. It is very important to develop a portfolio, practice on the free time, to be proactive and ask questions whenever you feel something is not clear. And we insist on “exercising in free time” :).

16. I would like to continue developing my skills. What options do I have?

There are many options and they vary from case to case. Don’t hesitate to contact us to give you more specific details. These options are:
– Join the GameLab program which gives you the opportunity to develop a product within 3 months, from the idea stage to the demo that is released on the market,launched in a multidisciplinary team.
– Watch local events and participate in them. Whether it’s a seminar, a workshop, a meeting-up or a super game jam, all will help you develop both personally and professionally.
– To practice at home and develop small projects, which will help you understand some concepts or elements in more detail using different tutorials available on the internet.

We are talkative and many times we offer useful advice to guide you in the right direction. So don’t be shy and don’t hesitate to contact us:
1. Give us an email at contact@gamedevacademy.ro or use the contact
2. Live chat with our colleagues using the integrated chat on our site (located on the bottom right).
3. Contact us on our  Facebook
4. Call us at 0756.249.561. If we do not answer, do not worry, we’ll come back with a phone in no time.

We are waiting for you! We’ll see you on courses!

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